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In Person and Virtual Appointments

We Offer In-Person Clinic Appointments

Criteria for an in-person clinic appointment:

1.    An in-person appointment is scheduled based on current Government of Ontario guidelines, directions, and best practices;

2.    Clinical staff will use professional judgment to assess; and

3.    Patient medical needs (example: pregnancy, infant immunizations etc.)

Any appointment not meeting the above criteria for an in-person appointment will be offered as a virtual care appointment.

Please call us for more information:  905 459-2181

Procedure for an in-person appointment:

In-Person Appointment – Before

·     Telephone COVID-19 pre-screening – @ appointment booking 

*Patients with a positive telephone screen, will be directed to the Covid-19 Assessment Centre at Peel Memorial Hospital (Please click ‘Helpful Links’ for further information about the Assessment Centre).

In-Person Appointment – During

·         Only the patient will be admitted to the clinic. Patients requiring an accompanying adult or guardian will be allowed with the accompanying parent or guardian

·         Mandatory use of hand sanitizer upon entering the clinic

·         Mandatory face mask (or face covering) for the patient (and accompanying parent or guardian – Patient to have own mask(s)

In-Person Appointment – After

·         Immediate exit from the clinic after completed in-person appointment

·         North Peel Family Health Team will fully sanitize and wipe down the exam room prior to the next appointment

We Offer Virtual Care Appointments

What is a virtual care appointment?

A virtual care appointment is one in which care is provided virtually – by video, telephone, texting, e-mail, or any other method that does not involve a direct appointment at our clinic on an in-person basis.

With COVID-19, North Peel Family Health Team provides the majority of patient appointments on a virtual basis not requiring a visit to our clinic.