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Our team of Registered Kinesiologists are university educated health professionals who specialize in the study of human movement and how it relates to different aspects of our health. A Kinesiologist works closely with individuals to assess, educate and assist patients in achieving their health and fitness related goals. The following include some of the areas of health that a registered Kinesiologist may address:

●      Injury Rehabilitation: work with our Kinesiologist to assess your movements in order to prevent, manage, & rehabilitate injuries. Patients experiencing pain secondary to a musculoskeletal condition, such as:

○      Lateral or medial epicondylitis

○      Impingement syndrome (of shoulder or hip)

○      Frozen shoulder

○      Rotator cuff tears

○      Osteoarthritis

○      Patellofemoral syndrome

○      Tendonitis/tendinosis

○      Low back pain

●      Chronic disease management: learn about the role physical activity can play in the management of chronic disease and pain.

●      Exercise prescription & fitness programs: exercise is medicine, let our Kinesiologists create a program that is appropriate for your functional level and abilities.

○      Resistance training for prevention of bone loss (i.e. osteopenia)

○      Balance training (i.e. elderly)

○      Behavioural activation in patients with low mood or anxiety

○      Strengthening prior to surgical procedures (i.e. ACL reconstruction)

●      Health promotion: our Kinesiologists educate on the importance and benefits of physical activity to improve the health and quality of life of all our patients.

The Registered Kinesiologists at North Peel Family Health Team provide individualized sessions as well as group education on various health topics. If you are a registered patient, please contact the office to book.


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